Ian Gould Band Review

St. Brendan's Inn in Green Bay, Wisconsin

By TJNovember 17, 2008

Tucked away in the corner of St. Brendan’s pub is where I found Ian Gould, a folk singer from Belfast, Ireland. Ian sings and plays acoustic folk with the harmonica. I don’t think it is entirely fair to pigeon hole his music as just another Irish act, in fact, a majority of his set is based on classic American folk tunes from Van Morison to the Beatles. Ian even takes requests for songs with a donation into his stage tin. As I sat there enjoying the restaurant’s delicious shepherd’s pie, curry fries, and the best Guinness on tap I have ever had, Ian played one traditional Irish tune for about every two American classics. What I find most notable about Ian, is his charm and his technical abilities as a guitar player. Not only is he a very skilled folk style finger picker, Ian is also very technical and it carries through to his harmonica and vocal styles. Ian also showed a more personal side when he played some of his own compositions, which were more folk rock and rhythmic. He is without a doubt very capable of writing and producing excellent originals. Ian is laid back, charming, and fun - cheering people up, one pint at a time. So if you come to one of the finest Irish Pub/Restaurants/Inns in Wisconsin, St Brendan’s of Green Bay, to see Ian Gould play, you will see that not only is he very Irish, he is also a very great folk musician as well. Ian shares and involves his audience in some of the traditional Irish drinking songs, and before you know it, you’re laughing, singing along, and putting away the pints. Ian Gould is a great show and plays regularly in Wisconsin and at St. Brendan’s Inn.

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